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Italien aus der Vogelperspektive – Italien-Blog

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Fly over the beautiful Versilia coast, Viareggio, Torre del Lago, Vecchiano…
four friends that fly Fly Products Paramotor come together to make a beautiful flight over one of the most beautiful Italian coasts..
Raffaele, Bruno, Guido and Paolo.
The wings: ITV Dolpo & ITV Dakota
The paramotors: Race C & Trike Xenit

via Fly Products & ITV Italia – Flight trip over Versilia coast.

Italien in 2 Minuten – Italien-Blog



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We took the greatest videos from all over the world and made a mash-up from every country. The World In 2 Minutes describes different cultures, and how eccentric they are.

via The World in 2 Minutes: Italy.

Das süße Italien – Italien-Blog

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Sweetaly is a video about a kayak trip in the swiss and italian Alps.
paddlers: sir berni stahl, matt karli, peter hohenwarter and martin adlmaier
camera: sir berni stahl, matt karli, peter hohenwarter and martin adlmaier
cut: martin adlmaier
Have a break, take a beer and enjoy the taste of the southern Alps in High Definition!

via Sweetaly.

Elba: Die Ruhe genießen wie einst Napoleon – Italien-Blog

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Video from our holidays on Isola d’Elba in Italy on July 2012. The shorts were taken in the middle-east of the island, mostly in Porto Azzurro (Spiaggia Barbarossa) and Portoferraio.
GoPro HD Hero 2
Canon 60D
Canon 35L
Magic Bullet LUT Buddy
Young Blood by The Naked and Famous

via Vacanze all‘ Isola d’Elba.

Weine aus Süditalien – Italien-Blog



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By director Jim Fitzpatrick. The LCBO takes you on journey through the wine styles of Southern Italy. Beginning with the sun-baked beauty and unique wines of Sicily, this journey continues on the mainland through historic Campania and over to Apulia, the fertile region that forms the heel of the Italian boot. Join host Michael Fagan in part one of a three-episode series exploring the wines of Italy, and discover that the hot Mediterranean sun and a little innovation can create elegant and balanced wines.

via The Wines of Southern Italy.

Die Schönsten Orte in der Toskana – Italien-Blog

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There are places on earth which are stunningly beautiful. Where man and nature seem to live peacefully side by side. One of these places is the region of tuscany in Italy.
The way this film is made represents my memory and my emotions about the time I spent there with my family this summer.
Music by Hans Zimmer: „A small measure of peace“
I hope you feel similar when seeing it.

via Bella Toscana.

Italien: Wunderschöne Luftansicht – Italien-Blog



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ITALIA HD Aerial / foot / undersea shots in a tour of Italian sceneries. Surrounded by a terrific guitar solo. All the regions (with Vatican City and San Marino). – Montaggio amatoriale. Tour aereo delle bellezze italiane da tutte le regioni, con sottofondo un magnifico assolo dei Dire Straits, in soli 6 minuti. ITALY ITALIE ITALIEN

via ITALY Aerial view HD.