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Italien aus der Vogelperspektive – Italien-Blog

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Fly over the beautiful Versilia coast, Viareggio, Torre del Lago, Vecchiano…
four friends that fly Fly Products Paramotor come together to make a beautiful flight over one of the most beautiful Italian coasts..
Raffaele, Bruno, Guido and Paolo.
The wings: ITV Dolpo & ITV Dakota
The paramotors: Race C & Trike Xenit

via Fly Products & ITV Italia – Flight trip over Versilia coast.

Italien: Wunderschöne Luftansicht – Italien-Blog



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ITALIA HD Aerial / foot / undersea shots in a tour of Italian sceneries. Surrounded by a terrific guitar solo. All the regions (with Vatican City and San Marino). – Montaggio amatoriale. Tour aereo delle bellezze italiane da tutte le regioni, con sottofondo un magnifico assolo dei Dire Straits, in soli 6 minuti. ITALY ITALIE ITALIEN

via ITALY Aerial view HD.